Monday, November 7, 2011


I haven't written a post in a very very very very long time!!!! 
This can't be a good thing. I know I have yet to arrive at being a Grown Up!!
So why have I not written???

I think the year just got away from me. Not intentionally ignoring my blog!!! 
Heaven forbid!!!
I honestly had no idea that since I posted about my Resolutions for the year 
that I simply forgot about my blog!!! 
Maybe one of my resolutions should have been to blog!!! LOL

So here I am now...trying to figure out what more I can tell you about my year!!
I guess I will have to re-read my post about my Resolutions for the year and get you all caught up on how I have been doing with them!!! Because honestly...I don't remember but 2 of my resolutions!!!
(probably should have written them on a piece of paper and put them on my refrigerator ;) )

Yes I know...reading my own blog and posting would have helped too!!!

So I will be back...Get you all caught up. I promise there is NOTHING 
earth shattering in my life that I have failed to share here.

But I do think that the blog will evolve a bit. 
I will keep you posted!! I promise!!